Two Fort Worth police officers responding to a 911 suicide call Friday evening were both shot, leaving one in critical condition.

The two officers, Ray Azucena and Xavier Serrano answered a 911 call about 8:30 Friday evening about a suicide, at 3828 Wharton Drive, in the Wedgewood area of Fort Worth, according to police spokesman Sergeant Marc Povero.  

When the officers arrived, they found a man in the bedroom who was unresponsive, with a gunshot wound to the head.    Povero said someone inside the house told the officers there was a possible witness to the shooting who had gone into a shed in the back yard.   When the officers went out to the shed to speak with the witness, they opened the door to the shed and were immediately hit with gunfire from inside the shed.

The officers did return fire, but they were both hit.   One officer was shot once in the chest, but was protected by his bullet-proof vest and received only minor injuries.

The other officer was hit multiple times in “the upper extremities and torso”, Provero said, and is in critical condition.

SWAT officers later moved in on the shed, trying to make contact with the person inside the shed.   They were unsure if the person was still alive or not, and fired tear gas canisters into the shed.   Fort Worth police confirmed that the person was found dead inside the shed just before midnight.

NBC-DFW News reported that both injured officers were taken to the John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth where they underwent surgery.   As of midnight Friday night, one was out of surgery, while one still remained in surgery.




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