BREAKING: Police officer dead in Paris attack

At least one police officer has been killed in a deliberate attack in Paris Thursday and another is reported injured.

The shooting occured Thursday at the central boulevard of the Champs-Elysee, near the Franklin D. Roosevelt metro station, around 9pm local time, and police are saying it “could be a terror attack.”

It was initially reported that one officer was killed and another wounded, then reports came in from multiple sources that a second policeman had died from the shooting. Reuters has now retracted that claim, stating that only one officer has died.

The attack comes just days before France’s upcoming presidential election.

The police officers were in their vehicle, stopped at a red light on the Champs Elysee boulevard, when another vehicle pulled up beside them and started shooting at the officers.

One of the gunmen was reportedly also killed in the shootout, and the other one has fled the scene.

Reuters reported that the gunman who was killed was “known to security services.”


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