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Just six days prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration date, President Donald Trump has reportedly declassified a massive trove of documents on “Obama-gate,” including documents relating to the surveillance of President Trump, his campaign and Christopher Steele’s debriefing report.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier made a brief announcement about Trump declassifying the documents during a news broadcast Thursday evening. The documents are reportedly expected to be released to the public by Friday, or on Monday.

In an interview with Fox Business host Lou Dobbs Thursday evening, Just The News editor John Solomon provided additional details, saying Trump has declassified a stack of documents more than a foot tall.

“These are the things that the FBI has tried to keep from the public for four years,” Solomon said.

Solomon explained what he thought was the most important document: Christopher Steele, in his debriefing with the FBI after he was fired for leaking, said, “The reason I leaked is because I needed to help Hillary Clinton cover up her email problem, so I leaked to turn the attention to Donald Trump.”

“The Russia collusion narrative was invented to protect Hillary Clinton from ongoing revelations about her email scandal. It was a political dirty trick,” Solomon said.

WATCH the breaking news interview below:

Solomon first announced the news in a personal podcast on Thursday. Listen. below:

The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast on January 13, 2021 focused heavily on the impeachment efforts of Democrats — they want Trump gone because of the events of January 6 at the U.S. Capitol. Listen below, and share!

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  1. Yes, baby!!!!!! Let the River of documents flow!!!! This is one reason they wanted him removed immediately. Let the world know about all that kiddie porn on Hunter’s computer and what Dad’s filthy hands were doing when Hunter was having relations with underage girls.

  2. Well I better stock up on my popcorn and whiskey this is going to be a shitshow and I’m going to love every second of it

  3. This is only the tip of the iceberg. The FBI and CIA are implicated in the murder of Pres. Kennedy and others, including MLK and RFK.

    • I have always believed that the NAACP took out MLK. He was not the perfect fit for their narrative. Instead, he believed in equality for all people.

    • There’s a book ,,,,,Mortal Error, it’s proven that a secret service again had the fatal kill shot, ( I do not know if it was on purpose or accident ) but he shot the third shot. It’s proven. Plus, it’s another huge government cover up

  4. You are so right. I hope he releases everything on these treasonous politicans. We need to take back our country. GO TRUMP WE AREWITH YOU

  5. Yes, yes, yes! Please include it all. Biden and his kid, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Comney and more! Thank you God for this day!

  6. The truth is coming, finally!
    Biden has no business being the President of this country – he is a true swamp/sewer person as are all of them. Dirty, so corrupt, so unAmerican!
    Love that his impeachment papers are being filed the 21st!

      • I think you’re right. There’s already been plenty of evidence about a lot of things, and all we ever see is ce a dog and pony show after which nothing is ever done about the evildoers. With Biden and the Demoncrats in power I doubt Trump’s stack of documents is going to make one bit of difference. But I’d love to be proven wrong.

      • It wont be the judicial system doing the arresting its the militarys job and there are 190,000 indictments to be unsealed starting in the innaugeration for biden , the military has been informed not to let anyone in or out of the capital building till arrest are completed.

  7. These are facts, that we all knew,,,, but weren’t able to prove it…. But now, there is NO denying it ! The Democrats will try to say its FALSE, but these are DE-CLASSIFIED GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS ! Sooooo, there’s NO denying it !

    • Yes, it should have However,
      Some of The people that run the DoJ are part of the Swamp!!!
      It will ALL come out in the Wash!!!

    • The DOJ is part of the problem , now its in the hands of the military tribunal , the only ones not bought off by the dems and with the confiscating of 11 specific lap tops the evidence is overwhelming

  8. I just wonder if this is the reason for about 15,000 troops of National Guard in DCA. Going to need a lot of troops to haul all those criminal asses, right. Unless they start running scared and leave in the middle of the night undetected.
    Just where is that nasty skank hillary? Is she in The Hamptons or in hiding?

    Who is getting this info,?
    How is the public supposed to receive it since all social media is closed to Conservatives?
    Tell me that…

  10. Talk about waiting till the last minute, my question since the media doesn’t do their jobs will anyone even hear about it? Or will it be brushed under the rug like hunter Biden criminal actions, sorry just don’t see anything coming from this, I keep telling myself there’s a reason for everything that’s happening but to me this is a little to late, I don’t see the fake news reporting on this.

  11. To Donald Trump : please please do the patriotic Americans a huge favor and a huge servic to your country. DECLASSIFY everything!!! DONOT hold anything back.Prove to all of us patriots that have and will continue to support you that are trust and support was justified. Declassify everything now . We need this one final act of patriotism from you.

  12. Thank God!! I’ve been hoping for this. It will be a real let down if that’s all he releases. There’s so much more.

  13. Do what do you all think is gonna happen. Nothing. Except now we will all know what we always knew.
    A Democrat house, a Democrat senate, a Democrat in White House and a judiciary that seems to be bought off. I’m glad he’s doing it because they have made his life a living hell and his family. No one should have been treated that way
    Pure evil

  14. Democrats? Dirty tricks? Say it isn’t so! They’re the party of unity!!
    Where it’s a great, long overdue move, it’s like closing the barn door after the horse ran out.
    They have all three branches, they have control of all media.
    I’m pretty sure nothing will come of it. Sad as I am to say it, the justice system no longer has justice. It’s just a system now.

  15. I agree with everyone’s sentiment, but unless there is more to come and I’m sure there is, how is this going to be shown to the Citizens of this country?
    They have blocked Trump everywhere and they are going to make sure he is destroyed.
    I hope and pray that he has this figured out and we see justice for the citizens of this country, and he and his family.

  16. Lou Dobbs did interview and it appears this is not fake news. FBI is not going to be happy. Saying proof the Russia hoax was to cover Clinton’s email issues. Ukraine was mentioned but not sure if biden will be hurt by this. Lin woods knew what he was talking about. Even crazy Simon Parkes might have got this one right. Hope he has an extra surprise on election fraud … turn it loose fearless president !!!!

  17. Buckle your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, for we’re in for a bumpy ride from now until Inauguration Day and beyond (a month tops).

  18. I’ll bet all media and social media will be turned off until after sleepy joe’s big day and all those assholes will get a slap on the wrist or nothing. The problem is once everyone recieves the info the Democraps may not be so popular, and better not go out alone for awhile. If they remain in power, they will be known for being the most corrupt administration in history. But I don’t think they care as long as Trump is out.

  19. I know it’s a long shot, but I hope they all go down. Starting with Obama, Nancy P lousy
    Hilary, Joe B, Kamala H and down the democratic elites, and Rino’s involved. Clean up the Judicial system, and election process and fraudulant people.

  20. Hope they aren’t working overtime to shredd, bleach and hammer! I will believe it when I see it! Hopefully someone has copies in hand and it doesn’t go into the pile of lost Clinton email!

  21. In God we trust. Please guide our President Trump through these trying times. Take care of the evil and the corrupt that threatens our county. God Speed Mr. President 80 million are behind you, beside you, or in front to help you clear your path.

  22. This is going to be femas doing they’re in charge of our government now so they’re going to arrest all the crooked politicians because they don’t need warrants they just need evidence they’re in control of our military that’s how it’s going to get done

  23. This is the day so many of us has been waiting for including myself. Let’s drain the swamp with these corrupted evil demons that are destroying our freedom and country. I hope and pray that Hillary, Barrack, Joe & Hunter Biden, Pelosi, Kamala, and many others get what’s coming to them when the truth will soon prevail. They are so trying to destroy Trump in trying to block him from revealing the truth.

  24. Thank you Jesus for this day of reckoning for the Demonrats. Its time their dirty laundry is displayed, fbi and cia too. They never should have pissed this man off!! We are over 75 million strong behind you PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  25. (This is great declassified)
    Now the whole world will be busy reading what our trusted democratic party has done.
    This doesn’t look good for biden does it? I wonder how many times biden, and harris name shows up in those documents !!!!!
    About now obama is feeling that hair up his butt……..


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