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A Rhode Island man who came forward with an yet another allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday, then later backtracked his claim and admitted it was untrue, has now been referred to the Justice Department for prosecution, according to a letter from Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley on Saturday.

Amid all the allegations suddenly being brought forth against Kavanaugh by multiple accusers, a Rhode Island man called Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s office and claimed that Kavanaugh and his high school friend Mark Judge had assaulted one of his friends on a boat in 1985 in Newport, Rhode Island – a claim which Kavanaugh fiercely and emphatically denied.

The man was reportedly later outed by sleuthing reporters on Twitter as “Jeffrey Catalan,” according to a report by the Daily Caller. The man then posted an apology on his Twitter account, recanting his claim.

Saturday, Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Chris Wray, recommending the man for criminal prosecution for making the fraudulent claim against Kavanaugh. Grassley wrote in his letter:

Committee investigations in support of the judicial nomination process are an essential part of the Committee’s constitutional role. The Committee is grateful to citizens who come forward with relevant information in good faith, even if they are not one hundred percent sure about what they know.

But when individuals provide fabricated allegations to the Committee, diverting Committee resources during time-sensitive investigations, it materially impedes our work. Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to Congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct Committee investigations.

Accordingly, in light of the seriousness of these facts, and the threat these types of actions pose to the Committee’s ability to perform its constitutional duties, I hope you will give this referral the utmost consideration.

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