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The Supreme Court by a 5-4 vote has denied a request to halt construction of President Trump’s border wall over environmental concerns.

A number of groups, including the ACLU and Sierra Club, had asked the high court to get involved again after the justices last year cleared the way for the administration to use military funds for construction while the case played out in the courts.

The article goes on to state the following:

A federal appeals court had ruled against the administration last month, but the justices, for now, have given another temporary victory to the administration.

The ACLU blasted out the following statement on Twitter after the ruling was announced:

The fight continues. The administration has admitted that the wall can be taken down if we ultimately prevail, and we will hold them to their word and seek the removal of every mile of unlawful wall built.

Every lower court to consider the question has ruled President Trump’s border wall illegal, and the Supreme Court’s temporary order does not decide the case. We’ll be back before the Supreme Court soon to put a stop to Trump’s xenophobic border wall once and for all.

The Sierra Club also released a statement, vowing to keep fighting until they get Trump’s wall down. They also included a quote from Vicki B. Gaubeca, director of the Southern Border Communities Coalition, who said: “This fight is far from over and we will continue to stand alongside the ACLU and the Sierra Club to fight for our democracy and our communities that are suffering from unaccountable and harmful border policies. We don’t need more irresponsible walls at our borders, we need more responsible border governance that begins with respecting the checks and balances in this country. We need a New Border Vision that expands public safety, protects human rights, and welcomes all people to our region.”

President Trump posted an update on the progress of the border wall construction on Thursday, tweeting, “As the Wall goes up, illegal crossings go down. This past week we built over 10 miles of Wall at our Southern Border. We now have 256 miles of NEW Wall and we are on track to have 300 miles completed by the end of August!”

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  1. Remember who these illegal immigrant loving bastards are . Civil War is just around the corner . They are just more to be eliminated from our Nation to keep it America .

    • We will be a communist country with in 6 months after election. Do you realize if Dems win we will never have another Republican in office

  2. There is no real reason for them to object to the wall. I dont know why the SCOTUS vote was 5 to 4. Are they politicizing this too?

  3. All the people who are complaining about the wall should be financially responsible for every illegal that crosses the boarder, NOT THE AMERICAN TAX PAYERS.

    • This is a good one. My property taxes keep going up every single year. From 2018 to 2019 it went up about $100 because all these illegals, having to pay for all their school, learning English and whatever else there is. I’m getting tired of this carp.

  4. how dear you ACLU and SIERA CLUB that border wall are good for out safety of your children and your grandchildren…what the hell in the world you fighting for illegal immigrant…thinks about tomorrow’s stupid not yesterday


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