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Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, the woman who broadcast on Facebook LIVE the aftermath of her boyfriend being shot by a police officer in Minnesota, appeared today on ABC’s daytime show THE VIEW.   Reynolds cleaned up nicely for the daytime hit, and her emotional commentary about the unfortunate incident was in line with everything she has said since the events took place last week.  Whoopie Goldberg and the other hosts of the show made Reynolds out to be heroic.  But Dennis Michael Lynch didn’t feel right about what he was seeing on The View.  He hasn’t felt right about Reynolds or Castile since the events took place — and so DML investigated.

As Lynch said on his show this evening, Reynolds appeared “too calm” during her filming of the situation as it unfolded in real time.  And the fact that her daughter was in the backseat troubled Lynch even more.  Plus, what really disturbed him was the press conferences and the way in which she spoke about the situation — it just didn’t match with what the cop said on her video.

Reynolds’ video and what happened in MN has sparked outrage in the black community.  And since then, Black Lives Matters has taken to the streets across America.  One of the events left a number of Dallas police officers dead.

“The media is going to try the Minnesota cop before he ever steps foot into a courthouse, and that’s not right.  I come from a family of cops, and I will not allow that to happen,” said Lynch.  DML spent 24-hours straight investigating the matter, and what he finds is disturbing.

In addition to Reynolds mother calling her daughter “A narcissist Facebook junkie”, Lynch reveals on his TV show, Dennis Michael Lynch: UNFILTERED, that Reynolds and Castile film themselves smoking pot in front of her 4-year old.

The video below leaves no question as to the credibility of Castile and Reynolds, but to add insult to injury, one of Reynolds friends has started a GoFundMe page seeking $75k for her.   Watch the video.


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