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(CNN Business) — YouTube is suspending President Donald Trump’s channel for at least one week, and potentially longer, after his channel earned a strike under the platform’s policies, the company said Tuesday evening.

A recent video on Trump’s channel had incited violence, YouTube told CNN Business. That video has now been removed.

The article goes on to state the following:

YouTube declined to share details of the video that earned Trump the strike, but said that after the one-week timeout, it will revisit the decision.

DML: More of the same bullsh*t.  They are selling this crazy narrative that Trump is crazy and will be telling people to do stupid things in the days to come.  This is ridiculous.  Trump has said without pause that the transition of power will be smooth.  This is a concerted effort to silence Trump, his family, and you.

Until now, YouTube had been the only remaining major social media platform not to have suspended Trump in some fashion. Facebook has suspended Trump’s account “indefinitely,” while Twitter has banned Trump completely.

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  1. This should be illegal as hell!!! This is the President of the United States!!! I am so disgusted with what’s going on! It’s just INSANE!!!

    • The Deep State is purging the Patriots. They have been purged from Twitter and Parler is down. They are purging FB and YT. The MAGA movement was aware that this was part of the Great Reset, and we have accounts on MeWe, instead of FB, on Rumble instead of YT, and Parler, instead of Twitter, unfortunately Parler was insanely taken down. They are trying to Tower of Babel us. That shows how fearful they are.

      • so what can we do, We the People, to stop this nonsense? I agree with Jan but Janet, what are we going to do. We are seeing all of this unfolding, news media like newsmax speaking about it, radio station talk host David Webb on Patriot station are talking about this and that, but what are we to do to stop them? The left have repeatedly insulted the constitution.

  2. I’ve already deleted facebook, twitter, amazon, google( went to duckduckgo).. I guess Youtube is next. There are nearly 80 million of us Patriots. We can hit them in their wallet if we stick together and delete and boycott anyone who is against Trump and especially against our rights to free speech.

  3. It’s hard to keep reading this stuff. The anger is truly causing me to have major panic attacks. Posting is not getting things done, worrying over what’s coming isn’t going to help because there’s nothing we can do, law is going corrupt same as judges, govs, mayors and about every person in office. There are people happy over this and it’s disgusting.

    • Oh, I did and I was probably one of their best customers. We also sold all our Amazon stock (which was a very considerable amount). I will never order anything from that company again. I even ordered a Kobo e-reader to replace my Kindle so I don’t have to even order something as small as an ebook. I can only hope enough of us are doing the same.

  4. I rly love how they can silence the president of the United States really I love it but nobody silenced Obama and prob won’t joe Biden

  5. When a consistent partisan majority unites to take control of the government, it will use its power to oppress the minority. The fragile consent of the governed would break down, and violence and authoritarianism will follow. This is how previous republics have fallen into civil wars.

  6. Corp America has become a cesspool filled with companies & executives have made the worst decision for their businesses. The likes of Marriott, Blue-cross Blue-shield, Amazon, CitiBank & more chose to allow politics start their destruction. Boycotts MUST start!!! The ONLY way a negative effect can happen to them is through their financial bottom line. This has become insane BUT it’s those who will lose out. WE THE PEOPLE made their success and WE THE PEOPLE can destroy them. We must ALL stick together on this.
    I as many love OUR country and we love and still stand with our President Trump! The swamp is so deep it’s like the abyss.

  7. When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving a point, safeguarding anyone or punishing them….. you’re showing the world that you fear what he might say.

    While I think it’s unlikely … I do hope that Trump has a “hold my beer” exit.

  8. Never forget what the Media , Social Media and Democrats are trying to do to our President CAN and WILL be done to you.

    Mob rule is the worst rule and its why impeachment is supposed to be a slow process. The speed at which Democrats and RINOs are moving will be their destruction in the long run.

  9. Over 89 million Americans can stop this right now But do they have what their ancestors had Are they do soft they can not do without these evil things that are being used to destroy them with?
    Americans lay down for no one We once had backbones and knew how to think for ourselves Are you being led by a nose ring by the boobs on the boob tube
    We got to this point because we talk talk talk. Our forefathers saw that had to end in order to come out from under the tyranny of King George.
    We are about to see who are the men and who are the boys

  10. Absolutely !!! Google who owns you tube is VERY toxic!!! This collusion HAS to be stopped!! We must fight against these evil monopolies!!

  11. Of course. YouTube is owned by Leftist Google. The Left is all about censorship. The only way they win is to plot, scheme, and CHEAT…

  12. So what’s the end game here!!??? Do the good people of the world sit around and continue to get maligned and molested by these lunatics day after day????! Do we build our own social media architecture?? Do we then get our day in court to present evidence of voter fraud??? Will we have redress or remedy??? Or will push come to shove eventually when we are denied all of it????

    • Yes we will be denied all of it. We need to get busy. First up is communication. We need a private means to connect. An underground facebook, so to speak. If that’s not possible we can always revert back to pen and ink.

  13. They now feel we will go away and conform because we have no choice. We have a choice and I refuse to give in to the bully left. We now really see just how devilish they are, just like our President Trump said all along.

  14. This is how dictorship starts,taking away freedom of speech. If you don’t agree you are the enemy. That’s not what this country was built on.
    This is communist activity. People are filled with hate and to blind to see


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