Brussels Terrorist Was Child-Star of FILM about the Integration of Immigrants

He learned to “integrate” so well that no one ever suspected he was a terrorist in the making.

The Syrian man arrested in Belgium last week for his role in the terror attack that killed 32 innocent people in Brussels last month is making the case for those who claim Muslims are incapable of integrating into a society that does not fully embrace Islam.

Islamist Osama Krayem (also known as Naim al Hamed) was once the poster child for how immigrant integration is supposed to work.  At the age of 11, Osama was one of the stars in a documentary about migrants in Sweden.

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Osama Krayem and his parents were featured in a 2005 documentary called ‘Without Borders — A Film About Sport And Integration’, in which football-mad Krayem demonstrated how the Malmo football team had helped him settle into Swedish society.

But more than a decade later, Osama Krayem returned to Syria to join the Islamic State.  After twelve months of training, Osama Krayem headed to Brussels to prepare for his new life as a terrorist.  He was very successful.



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