Brussels Terror Threat False Alarm or Dry Run

The Belgian city of Brussels went on high alert Tuesday morning, when a man called police to say he was at the City2 Shopping Mall wearing an explosive belt.

Police blocked off the mall area and evacuated the building, emergency services arrived on the scene, and two metro stations were evacuated. No explosives were found in the mall or on the suspect, and the man’s story turned to be fake.  Instead of explosives in his belt, it was filled with salt and cookies.

The man originally said he was kidnapped and forced to wear an explosive device that could be detonated remotely.  Later, he told authorities the whole stunt was just a joke.

brussels threat mall 2

Reportedly he has a record for other various offences, and was involved in an incident in 2014.  He recently also contacted police and said he had joined the terror group ISIS in Syria, according to Belgium’s VTM News.

Belgian officials have reported that the situation is now “under control.”

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