Bush Got Poor ROI in Iowa

Spent $14.9M for one delegate and 5,238 votes – or $2,845 per vote.

US News | By Gabrielle Levy:

Several candidates had a bad night in Iowa Monday, but by one measure, Jeb Bush had the worst.  The former Florida governor, once thought to be a strong contender for the Republican nomination, came up far short in the nation’s first contest of 2016: He earned just 5,238 votes, amounting to 2.8 percent — well behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the winner — and netted just a single delegate from the state.

That’s despite a campaign and a super PAC that spent $14.9 million in Hawkeye State advertising, more than any other candidate, according to data collected by SMG Delta. That works out to a whopping $2,845 per vote, by far the worst bang-for-the-buck performance of all 12 GOP candidates.

The poor return in Iowa isn’t likely to stop the grumbling from Bush supporters, who’ve complained he’s running a gold-plated campaign with little to show for it. Reuters reported Bush’s campaign and his Right to Rise super PAC has spent at least $82 million through the third quarter of 2015, including nearly $1.2 million on private planes alone.  Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton spent $700,000 and Ted Cruz spent $158,000 on private planes over the same time period.

By comparison, Cruz spent a relatively paltry $6 million for his 51,666 votes, $116 for each. Runner-up Donald Trump, the real-estate billionaire and rookie politician, was even more prudent with his campaign cash, spending just $73 for each of the 45,427 he received.

Read full story here:   http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/data-mine/2016/02/02/bush-got-little-bang-for-his-buck-in-iowa?int=935d08

Side Note:   Is this someone you would want managing the budget for our nation?


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