Busted!   Half-Mile Drug Tunnel From Mexico to USA

Drug tunnel 4c

Look who was arrested – this was an international effort!

Drug tunnel 4d

A trash dumpster being forklifted onto a truck looked suspicious on April 13, so authorities followed it to a fenced-in lot in San Diego.   Two days later, San Diego sheriff’s deputies stopped a truck after it left the lot, seizing 2,240 pounds of cocaine and 11,030 pounds of marijuana.

Back at the fenced-in commercial lot, which doubled as a business selling wooden pallets, they discovered the trash dumpster was covering a hole – the entrance of a half-mile tunnel, which zigzagged 874 yards to a house in Tijuana, Mexico.  The tunnel was equipped with a rail system, lighting, ventilation, and an elevator big enough for 8-10 people.

Drug tunnel 4b

Authorities say six people were arrested on drug crimes and construction of the tunnel – one U.S. citizen, two Cubans who were granted asylum, and three Mexicans who were legally entitled to be in the country.



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