By 2017, the New Amount of Refugees Will be Staggering

Secretary of State John Kerry briefed Congress Tuesday that the White House is planning to welcome at least 110,000 more refugees  into the United States from around the world  in 2017. From 70,000 during 2013-2015 to 85,000 in 2016 and now 110,000 in 2017, 57% increase in refugee arrivals since 2015 is overwhelming.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has said before she would take it farther than the Obama administration. According to Clinton, she would like to increase the number of Syrian refugees accepted into the United States from Obama’s goal of 10,000 a year to 65,000 refugees.

The Obama administration’s belief is that all countries should do more to help vulnerable people, yet they cite no specific plans on how to properly vet these refugees coming over. Meanwhile, Donald Trump still stands firm on his policy to temporarily ban foreign Muslims from entering the United States until more concrete problems are resolved and studied.


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