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Students in California showed their racism and bigotry towards the president and cops this week.

Authorities and parents in a California town expressed outrage after the high school magazine displayed cartoons depicting President Trump as a Nazi, and a police officer as a KKK member.

“The Pawprint,” a student publication at the prestigious Bonita High in LaVerne, featured two provocative cartoons that were apparently pulled from Google Images, Fox Los Angeles reported.

One drawing shows a swastika hiding underneath Trump’s hair. Another portrays a uniformed police officer in a white hood pointing a pistol at a baby-faced black child holding a bag of skittles, in an apparent reference to Trayvon Martin – the teen who bought the candy before being shot by George Zimmerman in 2012.

La Verne Police were upset at the cartoons and several parents also objected. The article featuring the images has since been pulled, both online and on campus.

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