Calif. City Council May Vote To Denounce Trump “Rhetoric”

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Anaheim City Councilwoman Kris Murray, a registered Republican, wants to jump on the StopTrump bandwagon… but is it legal for her to drag the CITY with her too?

Murray says Trump’s “rhetoric” is offensive to Muslims, Latinos, women and other special groups, and she’s asking her colleagues to join her in publicly denouncing the Republican front-runner.  “It’s important for the city to take a stand against divisive rhetoric that demeans large portions of our residents,” Murray said.

Councilwoman Kris Murray

Councilwoman Kris Murray

According to the Orange County Register, the proposed resolution says the City Council condemns “the divisive rhetoric of presidential candidate Donald Trump as contrary to the fundamental principles” of the constitutions of California and the United States and as not reflecting Anaheim’s “guiding principles of inclusiveness and kindness.”  The city will vote on it Tuesday.

John Bentley, a Trump supporter who runs an antique shop in Orange, said he disagrees with the characterization of Trump’s statements as divisive and offensive – and said he thinks such a declaration could hurt Anaheim.  “It’s wrong,” Bentley said. “There are a lot of Trump supporters in California. It’s a negative for Anaheim.”

On city councilman, James Vanderbilt said he also finds Trump’s rhetoric “reprehensible,” BUT Vanderbilt questioned whether it’s appropriate to talk about a national election in a city council forum.  “I agree he’s said a lot of inflammatory things,” Vanderbilt said. “But I take a blanket approach not to take up resolutions outside the scope of the city.”


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