The San Diego Union-Tribune is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. It is the first time in the paper’s 148-year history that it is endorsing a Democrat. In 2012, the paper endorsed Mitt Romney.

The paper announced the endorsement in an editorial titled, “Why Hillary Clinton is the safe choice for president.”

The paper wrote of Clinton:

“We understand the lack of enthusiasm for her candidacy, the anger over her private email server, family foundation and income from Wall Street speeches, and the questions about how America fared in foreign affairs when she was secretary of state.  But despite Trump’s insistence otherwise, she has the better temperament to be president — and the experience, background and relationships with world leaders that we need in a president.”

The paper wrote of Trump:

“But if Trump is elected president, he will no longer just be putting on a show. Upon inauguration on Jan. 20, he would be in charge of the executive branch of a global superpower and possess enormous authority, operating with no coherent worldview besides “I alone can fix it.” Military leaders have said Trump will face pushback if he orders them to do illegal things, such as torturing the families of terrorists, but in many crucial parts of the government, a President Trump will be able to people his administration with individuals whose jobs depend on keeping him happy. Imagine that. Imagine President Trump.”



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