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During a recent presentation called “Islam 101” at California’s Golden West College, campus police forced skeptics to stop asking tough questions about the religion.

On March 14, Gary Fouse of Front Page attended and recorded the public event at Golden West College in Huntington Beach. The program was presented by Nicole Bovey, a convert to Islam and public information officer at the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim and an affiliate of the Muslim Speakers Bureau in Orange County.

During the event, communications professor Kristine Clancy and professor of anthropology Kaine Fini, sponsors of the program, admonished several audience members who asked pointed questions regarding Sharia law and terrorism. They later called in campus police to address the peaceful questioners, who asked some of them to leave the room.

According to Fouse, “Bovey’s presentation was a very basic and very vanilla presentation of Islam, explaining what Islam is, what it means, who Muslims are, Muslims’ worldwide demographic breakdown etc. Bovey’s lesson plan, consisting of slides posted on the walls, was about subjects like the 5 pillars of Islam, daily prayers etc. She stated at the outset that she was there to clear up misconceptions about Islam. In fact, the first image on the wall was of a masked man representing a terrorist. Yet, it was clear later into the presentation that she was not going to get into areas like terrorism or Sharia law.”

After one audience member, a former Muslim from Egypt who left Islam and became a Christian pastor, contradicted statements by Bovey, he was approached by Clancy, who asked him to step outside. He returned to the presentation a few minutes later.

Following additional “uncomfortable” questions, Bovey “called for a 15-20 minute break because she and her AV assistant had to pray.”

During the break, Fouse and other questioners were admonished for their inquirys. A campus police officer, accompanied by a third staff member, entered the room and asked a couple of them to step outside. They were later allowed to return to the program.

“Clancy and Lyon completely overreacted to the questions to the point of calling in the campus cops and asking audience members to step outside. Whatever happened to free speech and the free exchange of ideas?” Fouse wrote. “There was absolutely no disruption whatsoever. Yet members of the audience were told that their questions were unacceptable. Since when?”

Fouse asked, “And why did Ms. Lyon stop the event 60 minutes early? Because the speaker and her hosts were unwilling to engage in a discussion of aspects of Islam like Sharia law, draconian punishments, and terrorism.”

Regarding the incident, Jihad Watch noted, “Enforcement of Sharia speech restrictions on America’s campuses — it’s becoming a familiar story, which doesn’t make this any less outrageous.”

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