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Below is my latest Op-Ed.

Written by DML

The N-word.  Don’t say it aloud, for if you do you will be fired from whatever job you hold.  That is of course unless you are an African-American politician running a video ad. Then it’s okay.

After watching the video I am about to share with you, there should be little to no argument of the double standard that exists when the media deems what is, and what is not racist.

I begin by telling the story of Republican lawmaker Ron Desantis who is running for governor in Florida.  I believe he is unfairly being lambasted by the liberal media and Democrats for using a term they claim is racist.

Desantis used the term, “don’t monkey this up” during his Fox News Channel interview this week. He said it when referencing how important it is that voters do not botch the upcoming election by failing to stop his radical left-wing opponent from being the next governor of Florida.

The comment sparked outraged from the media and his opponent, Andrew Gillum (D-FL) who is widely considered to be a socialist. Gillum is also a black man. Thus, the outrage over Desantis using a term that includes the word “monkey.”  Personally, I find it crazy that the media would attempt to use the statement from Desantis as a way to discredit him as a candidate. But then again, we live in crazy times.

Anyone with half a brain can listen to the interview and realize that Desantis was not referring to Gillum’s color.  Fact is, Desantis would be a complete idiot if he was to think he could describe a black man in such a demeaning way and survive another day in politics, let alone keep any job in America.

What Desantis said was right in line with a similar comment made in 2008 by then candidate Barack Obama. The former president used the word “monkeying around” when speaking about the handling / counting of votes (watch video).

But lets shift gears and play the hypothetical game.  Imagine for a moment that Desantis said something disgustingly racist.  For example, imagine what would happen if he said, “Don’t elect Gillum, don’t allow him to be your N___r (N-word).” Every media outlet, every politician, every African-American, yours truly, and most voters from both sides of the isle would demand Desantis drop out of the race. Rightfully so.

I ask you to now take the unfair assault placed on Desantis and stick it on the back burner for a moment. Now watch this video ad made by a candidate from Minnesota. The video was posted to Facebook:

Kyle Greene is running for a state House seat in Minnesota’s 18th District, and he used the N-word in his campaign ad released earlier this month.

“I want to be your state representative, I want to be your public servant and I want to be your N____r (N-word),” Greene said in a video posted on his campaign website and Facebook page.

The video had been viewed over 50,000 times on Facebook as of Friday afternoon.

Greene told The Minneapolis Star Tribune that he used the racist slur because he wants citizens in the state to focus on “the real issues at hand.”

Keep in mind that despite the “hate speech” used by the candidate, Facebook has allowed Greene’s video to remain on its platform.

Can you imagine what would happen to Desantis’ Facebook account if he posted a video of himself using the N-word. The likelihood of the video being removed is almost guaranteed because it would be deemed as hate speech.  The odds of his Facebook page being taken down by Facebook would be just as high, I think.

What does it say about society, and about Facebook and the media when the same rules don’t apply to everyone.  How is it that Greene’s video is permitted to remain published?

if you think there is a double standard, and if you think Greene’s video is a disgrace and should be removed, then I urge you to give this post a share.  If race relations in this country are to improve, it needs to start here.

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  1. Wow, and the media says there not bias? I didn’t take Desantis’ comment as racist anyway I took it as meaning “fooling around”. Some words mean more than one thing too.

  2. I find his speech offensive, to use the N word is appalling, and degrading to people. A total double standard for Facebook to allow this type of advertising garbage!

  3. I’m so sick of the Double Standards by the Media, the Democrats and liberals, this video is disgusting and he is a scumbag, yet nothing gets done.
    If we don’t start fighting back against this injustice we will be losing this country to these types of people.
    This is not the country my family went to serve in the Military and other Military service people too, it’s frightening what is happening to this country, and I’m afraid for my children and grandchildren, this isn’t the future we wanted for them.😊😥😥😥

  4. Our whole society has collectively digressed back to the 7th grade…. and they call it “progressive”. Sad.

  5. I tell my Grandkids to quit monkeying around lot. I only mean to quit fooling around and they certainly know what I mean. How that is offensive I have no idea. Using the N-word should be offensive to everyone.

  6. WOW…… So did he open a door for more racism absolutely. Did he just say that he was willing to except people calling him a N, yes he did. Society as a whole needs to do a reboot of their morals back to the pre 2008 levels, before the divisiveness of the Obama administration. This guy needs to drop out. We don’t need more people serving in our government wether it be at the state or federal level.

  7. And an ignorant one at that! Vote Red! Vote President Trump’s pick in Minnesota! #RedWave! 🇺🇸🙏🦅🚂❤💙

  8. When they don’t have anything to say,
    it’s always the race card. And the media is so bias it’s pathetic. It’s so obvious that there is a double standard. I urge all Republicans to make your voice heard in November.

  9. They’ve been calling each others names like this for decades. Yea it was used mostly for the black people. Have they ever looked the word up to see what it creally means? They don’t have enough sense to check things out for themselves. The meaning will give you a different outlook.

  10. If DeSantis said I want to be your white supremecist would it be given the same respect as this black politician saying I want to be your n___r? Nope, all hell would break loose.

  11. I attempted to share this on FB and it got a message that there was a problem and this could not be shared. Try again later. Yeah right!!!!! I am sooooo sick of FB and their double standard and bias.

  12. You’re not helping the stupidity surrounding DeSantis by mentioning his name every other sentence. Find someone else to refer to or you keep the racial nonsense in the forefront of voters minds.

  13. Make your comments count!!! Do something about exposing this Facebook Double Standard.
    Post video with a simple message:
    “Double Standard Still Standing”

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