Carnival ride malfunctions, leaving girl dangling for her life (Video)

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On Sunday, an amusement park ride at the annual Paris carnival Foire du Trone malcuntioned and left a young girl dangling upside down.

A video captured the moment the giant swing ride called Adrenaline went awry. Initially, the video captures a fair employee giving the thumbs up sign to give the ride the “go,” and then the swing drops sending two riders soaring into the air.

However, the machine is seen malfunctioning when the harness pops and one of the riders begins to dangle from her feet. The fair employee attempts to retrieve the swinging girl’s body from the moving ride as people around Adrenaline begin screaming in terror.

The video footage shows the girl nearly striking her head against the platform as the ride continues to swing her back and forth. Another man steped in to help the employee, and they finally were able to safely grab the girl as the ride began to slow down.

The Foire du Trone released a statement to French media that it was a “miracle” that the girl was uninjured, though her mother reportedly plans to file a police complaint. “It could have been a lot more serious,” management said. “We are here to give joy and not make people so afraid.”

The ride will also be dismantled and decommissioned, according to the management. The video footage of the incident can be watched below:

H/T: NY Daily News


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