Carrie Fisher’s Urn: A Giant Prozac Pill


Carrie Fisher’s remains will be stored in a giant Prozac pill, in remembrance of her role as a mental health advocate.

Fisher and her mother, Debbie Reynolds, were memorialized Thursday at a private service in their adjacent Beverly Hills homes, after dying a day apart last week.

On Friday, Carrie Fisher’s brother, Todd Fisher, was at Reynolds’ burial at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles carrying what looked like a giant Prozac pill — which he later confirmed was his late sister’s urn.

Mr. Fisher said at the memorial service, “We couldn’t find anything appropriate. Carrie would like that.”

He added, “It was her favorite thing, and so that’s how you do it. And so they’re together, and they will be together here and in heaven and we’re O.K. with that.”

Todd Fisher also told reporters that at a future date, the family will be planning a larger memorial service “down the road for the public and all the family friends.”

Carrie Fisher, 60, died on December 27th, after suffering a heart attack on a plane traveling from London to Los Angeles.

Carrie’s mother, Debbie Reynolds, 84, died the next day, after suffering a massive stroke.

ET reports that Carrie Fisher had wished to be cremated and that some of her ashes were mixed with her mother’s.

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