More Cases of Voter Fraud in Florida


Hillsborough County, Florida resident and 83-year-old lifelong Republican Marina Agosto mysteriously received a new voter ID card that told her she was now a registered Democrat. With her daughter Minerva, Agosto headed to the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office to find out why. “Something’s going on; something’s going on,” Agosto said.

Despite Agosto’s frustration and outrage that such fraud of voter registration switch would happen in a key swing state, the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections office has not been taking her claims seriously and believe Agosto made the mistake herself. “They insisted that she had done it and that you must have forgotten. ‘You must have forgotten.’ And she was very irate,” Minerva said.

After investigating, the mother-daughter duo discovered a group called Mi Familia Vota submitted a new voter registration application for Agosto. A signature that is supposed to be her own is on the application, however it looks different and unrecognizable to Agosto’s own. “I sign different, completely different,” Agosto said. The birthdate on the application card is also different.

However, the Supervisor of Elections office continue to push back. “They look a little bit different; they don’t look a lot different to me,” said Gerri Kramer, Supervisor of Elections communications director, regarding the different signatures. “All I have is this form. I don’t have anything that tells me this is illegal.”

Mi Familia would not comment on the issue to reporting media journalists.


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