Caught on Video: Police Punching Compliant Suspect

After a wild, one-hour chase, video shows suspect obediently getting out of vehicle and lying on ground, then officers move in.  What happened next is now under investigation. 

A high-speed chase up to 95 mph started in Holden, Massachusetts ended up in a punching fest in New Hampshire, captured on video by news helicopters.   Questions are being raised about whether the officers used excessive force.

Wednesday afternoon around 4:00, police in Holden attempted to stop a pickup driven by Richard Simone, 50, of Worchester.    NOTE:  Simone has a police record and is the subject of several warrants.  He has a history of not stopping for police, according to police scanner audio.

At one point, he hit a utility pole, then later struck a police cruiser, and ended up on a dead-end street where he was captured.





Report from Boston CBS Local:


Statement from Police:

“The pursuit, like all pursuits that involve Massachusetts State Police, will be reviewed by the department’s pursuit committee,” State Police said in a statement. “Additionally, MSP will also review the apprehension of the suspect, to determine whether the level of force deployed during the arrest was appropriate.”






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