Celebrities release Trump-slamming ACLU promo video

Since President Trump announced his travel ban against seven terror-related nations several weeks ago, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has joined the liberal resistance against Trump and has been raking in the donations in record-shattering numbers.

At the end of January, the ACLU received over $24 million in one weekend from over 350,000 people, bringing in more online donations in one weekend than they received in the entire year of 2016.

Friday evening, the ACLU held another telethon fundraiser that streamed live on Facebook and they had some help from Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, and Sterling K. Brown are just a few of the celebrities who have jumped on board with the ACLU. The stars released a propaganda video before the fundraiser.

“Hey, America! Things are crazy right now, travel bans, executive orders, unintelligible tweets at 2 a.m.,” they say in the video, in an unveiled threat to President Trump.

In the video, the stars tout all the ways the ACLU can help and that “everyone gets a lawyer.” They make no bones about it… “We need your money.”

Watch the entire video here:


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