CEO’s trying to eliminate the hiring of “snowflakes” (video)

On “Fox & Friends” Wednesday morning, featured guest and CEO of Silent Partner Marketing, Kyle Reyes detailed a new method in choosing applicants for his company. He calls it the “snowflake survey.”

In his interview, Reyes explained that he wants the right people with the right attitude to work for him.

This includes people who are dedicated employees, people who are not predisposed to entitlement, and people who are willing to “work for everything that they have.”

To acquire such “outside the box” thinkers and workers, Reyes has designed a survey within his company’s work application to essentially weed out people who are too sensitive, or are intoxicated with ultra-liberal ideologies that do not fit his company’s intended culture and goal, which is “getting the job done, and getting it done correctly.”

Video below:

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