The Church of Satan received a warm “Happy New Year” message in a tweet on Tuesday – posted by Chelsea Clinton, daughter of twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton became engaged in a Twitter exchange between The Church of Satan, model Chrissy Teigen, the restaurant Hooters, and several other accounts. Initially, Clinton was sending out support to Teigen, who was frustrated over photos posted of her daughter.

The Daily Caller explains:

“The popular model and best-selling cookbook author had tweeted her frustration Saturday over a verified Twitter account that used pictures of Teigen’s daughter in costumes to make wild accusations of pedophilia.

“Clinton responded that she was sending Teigen and her daughter ‘a huge hug,’ and Teigen sent her love back to Clinton and her family.”

Things started to get strange when @roguehooters responded to the conversation, which brought the official Hooters’ twitter account into the thread.

When Teigen expressed surprise to see Hooters join in, Clinton chimed in to say users had tagged her , Hooters and The Church of Satan in multiple threads in 2017, prompting the former First Daughter to tag The Church of Satan in her tweet.

The group responded, and Clinton went on to wish the Satanic organization a “Happy New Year,” warranting a reciprocal sentiment.

“What a time to be alive Chrissy!” Clinton exclaimed in one of the tweets. Indeed.

You may see the relevant tweets below:

A user called @roguehooters then tweeted a message in the thread, which caused their account to be suspended, therefore it’s contents are unknown. But their tweet is what brought Hooters into the conversation.