Chelsea Handler Cries Over Hillary Loss

Netflix talk show host Chelsea Handler hysterically bawled over Hillary Clinton losing to Donald Trump on the Tuesday night election for president on her own program. The anti-Trump liberal did more than simply shed tears as she told audiences about her plans to ditch the U.S. if the billionaire businessman was voted in.

“I want to move to Spain. I really, really want to move to Spain right now. Everyone in my office is like, ”you have a responsibility, you have a voice and you need to use it and you have to be here’,” Handler said. “Sorry, I hate f—ing crying on camera. I know as a woman, it feels so sexist (that Trump won). I guess the message I went to get out is not to give up. Because this is so important. It’s easy to throw in the towel.”

Handler related to Clinton’s emotionless concession speech to her own program until she began crying all over the set. Of course, she was not the only liberal talk show host to be overcome with emotion on Wednesday night. Equally liberal Seth Meyers was also moved to tears throughout his opening monologue on his own show.

The video can be watched below. It’ll make your day:


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