Chelsea Manning, the transgender formerly known as Bradley Manning, an Army intelligence analyst who was convicted for committing the largest leak of classified government documents in U.S. history, is now running for U.S. Senate – and has repeatedly demonstrated a vile hatred for law enforcement on Twitter.

Sunday, Manning released an initial and chilling campaign ad video that was filled with images of protesters clashing with police.

Upon examination of Manning’s personal Twitter page, multiple anti-police posts are found. The hashtag #WeGotThis is used on almost every post.

A post on January 5 says simply, “Imagine a word without sprawling police forces.”

In another post on January 9, in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Manning writes, “Fuck the police,” and uses the hashtag, #DisarmThePolice.

Manning tweets about a Fox News post that notes there are 933,000+ law enforcement personnel in the U.S., and responds with a tweet that says, “Reminder: we live in a full blown domestic occupation.”

Additional tweets about police killing people fill the page. In one post, Manning claims that “police and prosecutors steal more through civil asset forfeiture than all property crime combined.”

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agents were blasted as well. In response to the recent story about ICE raiding 7-Eleven stores to open employment audits and interview workers, Manning tweeted, “So @icegov is literally the new gestapo.”

Sunday morning, the new campaign video ad was released, announcing a run for U.S. Senate in Maryland.

See the tweets below.