Bradley Manning – now known as Chelsea Manning – was an Army intelligence analyst, who was arrested in 2010 and convicted in 2013 for committing the largest leak of classified government documents in U.S. history.

Assigned in 2009 to an Army unit in Iraq, Manning had access to classified databases, and reportedly leaked nearly 750,000 classified or highly sensitive military and diplomatic documents to WikiLeaks.

Initially sentenced to 35 years in prison, former President Barack Obama granted Manning clemency before leaving office last year, and Manning was released from federal prison in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in May 2017.

While in prison, Manning came out as a transgender, and became known as Chelsea Manning.

Now Manning, 30, is running for U.S. Senate, going after the seat of Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland. Cardin, who has been serving as a senator since 2007, is running for re-election. The Washington post announced Saturday that Manning has filed in Maryland to run for Cardin’s seat.

Sunday, Manning came out with a campaign ad that reflects a chilling, anti-police, anti-government agenda.

The video starts with multiple video images of protesters clashing with police, including the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, as Manning’s voice is heard saying, “We live in trying times. Times of fear, of suppression, hate,” Manning says.

It shows a vehicle driving along the southern border wall, images of the U.S. senate, President Trump, and the Women’s March activists wearing their pink “pussy hats.”

“We don’t need more or better leaders, we need someone willing to FIGHT.  We need to stop asking them to give us our rights. They won’t support us. They won’t compromise. We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves, we need to actually take the reins of power from them,” Manning declares in the video.

“We need to challenge them at every level. We need to fix this. We don’t need them anymore, we can do better. You’re damn right we got this,” Manning concludes.

The Black Lives Matter symbol of a raised fist is shown in the final screen.