Chicago Maximum Security Jail Brawl

On Friday afternoon, an inmate brawl broke out in Chicago’s Cook County maximum security jail, leaving five inmates injured.

The maximum security section holds the jail’s most dangerous prisoners, with four of the five injured inmates involved awaiting murder trials. The prisoners, some armed with homemade weapons made out of inhalers, were in a common area when the fight broke out.

A jail spokesperson spoke with the Chicago Tribune and said the fight lasted about a minute and a half.

The entire melee was captured on tape by a jail camera. The brawl began when a man standing in the middle of the room punched another inmate in the back of the head; then, a second inmate was struck in the head and fell into a cement pillar, apparently rendered unconscious. The rest of the footage shows inmates running around the room trying to avoid being stabbed or hit.

Several of the five injured prisoners suffered puncture wounds, presumably from makeshift weapons made from inhaler parts.

In the security footage, jail guards are seen entering the general purpose room where they restrained the inmates.

Cook County jail officials are investigating how the weapons were obtained.

The injuries to the five inmates ranged from serious to critical; they were taken to two separate area hospitals to receive care.

Video and pictures can be seen below:






H/T: Daily Mail UK


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