Chicago Police Hold Press Conference On Hate Crime

Chicago Police held a press conference Thursday afternoon regarding the hate crime attack on a mentally disabled white man on Tuesday.   

Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson confirmed that they have now filed hate crime charges against all four suspects.  

Police described the events that led up to the incident as follows:

The victim’s parents dropped him off at a McDonald’s restaurant on December 31 to meet his “friend,” Jordan Hill, a school classmate who he had planned to spend the night with.

Jordan Hill had stolen a vehicle, then picked up the victim. They reportedly drove around visiting friends for the next two days. On Tuesday morning, they went to the address where the two sisters lived, and a few hours later is when all the abuse and torture began.  See videos of crime against the victim here.   

A downstairs neighbor called the police, complaining of all the noise. When the two girls learned the police were called, they kicked in the neighbor’s door. This gave the victim a chance to escape.

While responding to the neighbor’s call, Police officer Michael Donnelly found the victim walking outside in the cold, and realizing he had injuries, called an ambulance for him, and the suspects were taken into custody.  

The victim was hospitalized and has now been released to his parents.   

The four suspects are behind bars.

Chicago Hate Crime suspects


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