Chicago Schools Now Allow Boys to Undress In Girls’ Locker Rooms

Students and staff must be granted “unfettered access” to intimate school facilities, based on their chosen gender identity.

WAIT!   Does this mean male staff can come into the girls locker rooms?  

CNS News reports that the Chicago Public Schools just made the announcement on Monday, saying the boys now have the “right” to use the girls locker room – all they have to do is say they would feel more comfortable doing so.

Locker room 1

The Obama administration is using the Department of Justice to force a new radical gender ideology through laws, claiming “gender identity discrimination,” points out CNS News.    A law from the 1970’s that was used to protect girls and women from sexism and harassment in schools is now being twisted to grant boys free access to the girls locker rooms and bathrooms, all in the name of inclusiveness, comfort and acceptance.

Read more at CNS News.   (It gets worse).



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