Chicago Bartender LEFT FOR DEAD

People walked by and did nothing to help, leaving a man lying unconscious in the street.

On February 7, 2016, Chicago bartender Marques Gaines, 32 was attacked and knocked unconscious outside a convenience store on a busy street corner.    The attacked caused him to fall backwards off the sidewalk, into the street.    (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Within seconds, as cars rushed by, two men rushed over and stole the contents from his pocket.  As this occurred, more than a dozen pedestrians walked by, stood at the corner, waited for the light and crossed the street, barely glancing over at the man lying in the street, and none trying to help or pull him out of the street.

Seconds after the pick-pocketers finished their task, a taxi turned the corner and ran over Gains.   He died approximately four hours later from injuries resulting from the taxi’s impact.


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