A masked person has taken a “selfie photo” in New York, an ISIS-branded head scarf on their head. If the photo is authentic, the unspoken threat of the potential for a lone-wolf attack is obvious, as pedestrians cross the street in the background.

According to the Sun, a U.K. publication, the ISIS-branded scarf may be a taunt to US security services. The implied threat comes after ISIS media channels have been releasing posters that threaten violence in populated areas of the U.S. and Europe. A recent propaganda poster urges knife attacks in churches. The Sun reports that the poster shows “a masked fighter brandishing a bloodied knife with the words: ‘It’s cheaper than a chainsaw.’”

Experts have cautioned that the selfie taker may not be a lone wolf actor, as the ISIS message may be computer generated. If so, the threat is still real, although the fear that someone is currently planning an attack is less certain.

Another image the Sun reports on comes from Islamic State propaganda chiefs, and shows a “recruit ” holding a phone bearing an ISIS flag “in the shadow of New York’s One World Trade Center building,” the skyscraper that makes up the main building of the rebuilt World Trade Center complex, infamously the point of destruction of the terror attacks 2001 on 9/11.

The Sun reports: “The terror group has warned the US that fighters are ready to strike in the country – with the iconic building a potential target.”

The disturbing images may be seen below.

Image of “Islamic fanatic” posing for a selfie in an ISIS-branded scarf.


A recent propaganda poster urges knife attacks in churches.


“Recruit ” holding a phone with ISIS flag in shadow of New York’s One World Trade Center building. This photo surfaced months ago, and obviously was not taken recently, but it highlights the growing concern of possible attacks, especially when viewed along with the more recent winter “selfie.”

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