In response to President Trump’s announcement that he would be imposing trade tariffs against China on Thursday, the Chinese ambassador to the United States released a video on the Chinese embassy’s Facebook page, promising to fight back.

The video was actually filmed before Trump signed the memorandum, which applied tens of billions in tariffs and penalties on imports from China.

Ambassador Cui Tianki said, “We don’t want a trade war with the United States, or with anybody else. But we are not afraid of it. If somebody tries to impose a trade war on us, we will fight. We will do whatever we can to defend our legitimate interest. We will also do whatever we can to safeguard the open global trading system.”

“Let me assure those people who intend to fight a trade war: We will certainly fight back. We will retaliate,” he declared. “If people want to play tough, we will play tough with them and see who will last longer.”

President Trump emphasized Thursday that the United States must have a “reciprocal” trade relationship with China.

“It is out of control. We have a tremendous intellectual property theft going on,” Trump said. “I’ve spoken to the president, and I’ve spoken with representatives of China, and I’ve asked them to reduce the trade deficit immediately by $100 billion. We have to do that.”

Watch China’s response below: