Chinese FBI Employee Charged as Traitor

A Chinese FBI employee who had top secret clearance, then turned traitor and started working for his own country instead is now in a whole lot of trouble.

From Reuters: An FBI electronics technician born in China who had access to classified information is expected to plead guilty on Monday to charges that he acted as an agent of China, prosecutors said.

Kun Shan Chun, who was employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 1997, was previously charged with making false statements in a criminal complaint dated March 2016 that was unsealed in Manhattan federal court on Monday.

In a notice by the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, prosecutors said Chun was expected to appear in court on Monday, using language typically indicative of a guilty plea, and said he was charged for being an agent of China.

In an August 2015 recorded meeting with an undercover agent in New York, Chun allegedly said, “I could get you connected and then I’m going to stay off. You know, you do your thing, you make your money, I don’t really care, but…if you make any money, just give me a little bit…”


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