Chris Wallace Backs Jill Stein in A Corner

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace pinned down Green Party candidate Jill Stein about her election recount efforts.

Wallace asked Stein, since she wanted to ensure the accuracy of the election, “Why did you choose three states that Mr. Trump won narrowly, but not a state that Secretary Clinton won – New Hampshire – which she won by only 3,000 votes?”

Stein claimed there will be thousands of votes corrected when the recount is done, and said, “We need to address the fundamental concerns the American voters are expressing.”

Then Wallace hit hard, saying, “Let’s talk about what a lot of people think is the real point here – let’s talk about the amount of money you’ve raised.”

He pointed out that she only raised $893,000 in here 2012 campaign, and $3.5 million in her 2016 campaign, but yet she’s raised $6.5 million from 140,000 donors.

“Isn’t that what this is really about, Dr. Stein?  Using this recount to raise lots of money and build your list of supporters?”

Stein claimed this money would only be used for the recount, and that it may not even be enough to cover the costs.

The discussion got more heated the further it went.


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