CIA Agent Had Castro’s Baby


A CIA spy sent to assassinate Fidel Castro, fell in love with him and fathered his child.

Double agent Marita Lorenz revealed her most intimate details of  her love affair with Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro, in an exclusive interview just a few days after Castro died.

According to Radar Online, 77 year old Marita met Castro when her father, a commercial ship captain, dropped anchor in Havana harbor with his daughter on board in February 1959 — one month after the Cuban revolution.

Castro visited the ship she said, and she fell head over heels: “First of all, I was very young and Fidel was tall and handsome,” Marita gushed. “When I first laid eyes on him, I was instantly attracted. We kissed between two lifeboats on the top deck….I was totally in love.”

She had left for the states but after several phone calls with Castro, Marita returned to Cuba, and moved into Castro’s penthouse apartment at the Havana Hilton, where she became pregnant.

Marita claimed the CIA poisoned her seven months into her pregnancy and told her the fetus was aborted. She was flown back to New York City to recuperate.

She woke up surrounded by FBI and CIA agents who blamed Castro for her unborn child’s death. They talked her into returning to Cuba to poison Castro with Arsenic. “They wanted to neutralize him, eliminate him because he was turning communist and he was infiltrating the U.S. with communists,”  Marita said.

Marita couldn’t go through with it.

Marita found out later that the child, who she though she’d lost during her pregnancy, was alive and living in Cuba.

Lorenz said Castro had arranged for her to meet her son in Cuba in 1981 and that the boy looked just like a combination of her  and Fidel.

Marita told Radar: “I just fell to my knees. When I asked [Castro] to let me take Andre home with me he said, ‘No! Nunca, nunca (never, never) to the Estados Unidos. He’s my son, they will kill him too!”




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