CIA Director Clarifies Relationship With Trump

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On Thursday, CIA director Mike Pompeo said the agency is not withholding information from President Donald Trump.

He denied the reports that state the intelligence community is not providing full disclosures and resources to the commander in chief. In fact, he calls the alleged reports “dead wrong” and damaging to the “the integrity of thousands of professional intelligence officers.”

“The CIA does not, has not, and will never hide intelligence from the president, period. We are not aware of any instance when that has occurred,” Pompeo said in a direct statement.

At Thursday’s news conference, Trump revealed that despite having Pompeo, FBI Director James Comey, and soon-to-be confirmed director of national intelligence Dan Coats at his disposal, he and his team were looking to tap into New York-based private equity executive Stephen Feinberg to lead their intelligence gathering initiatives.

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A co-founder of Cerberus Capital Management, Feinberg was sought out by Trump to coordinate data and intelligence-sharing between the communities.

“Feinberg is a very talented man, very successful man,” said Trump. “You know, it’s something we may take advantage of. But I don’t think we’re [going to] need that at all because of the fact that, you know, I think that we are gonna be able to straighten it out very easily on its own.”

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