City Mayor Pushes Expensive Plan to Counter Trump’s Proposed Deportations


On Friday, Democratic Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle revealed a $250,000 plan to benefit children of illegal immigrant and refugee families to counteract President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed deportations.

“The rhetoric and the promises of the incoming administration are a threat to Seattle’s economy and to Seattle’s workers,” Murray said at a press conference.

According to spokeswoman Mary Grace Roske, the Seattle Foundation wants to raise at least $250,000 for “immigrant education.” The foundation has started the initiative with $25,000 of its own money but is also calling on private donations to spur the movement forward. While some of the details are still being worked out, Murray and his constituents have laid out a theoretical blueprint on how they would use the funding.

For example, a portion of the funding will be utilized for community education forums held at Seattle public schools buildings and other venues. The forums will discuss the processes of power-of-attorney documents, as well as who to call for help when an illegal immigrant is in danger of detainment by authorities. Murray claims organizations with legal expertise will either lead or host these proposed forums.

Seattle’s public school teachers, counselors, and administrators will also receive training in immigrant rights.

Another segment of funding will be spent on counseling and peer support groups for middle and high school aged students who originate from illegal immigrant and/or refugee families.

More specifically, a significant chunk of the $250,000 raised will be spent on an immigrant-rights-and-education event to be held on Jan. 20, the day Trump is inaugurated as president.

H/T: The Seattle Times


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