City Renames “Cultural Insensitive” Holidays


The City of Bloomington, Indiana has decided to rename two paid holidays, in order to “better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace.”

Columbus Day and Good Friday are no more.

Instead, Columbus Day will not simply be called “Fall Holiday”, and Good Friday is dubbed “Spring Holiday.”

Fox 59 News reported that the city made the decision after people complained about the closing signs posted on the front doors of the city hall which referenced the holiday names.

Bloomington’s Mayor, John Hamilton, said they just want everyone to celebrate the holiday as they see fit.

“As a mayor we are in charge of government. We do not set religious policies, we are not supposed to be part of religion and we are just trying to make sure that our government is open to all people and inclusive,” he said.

In an op-ed for Fox News, Todd Starnes, blasted the decision, saying, “Apparently the only way to achieve cultural diversity and sensitivity is by disrespecting Italians and Christians.”

“Good Friday is a holy day — not a day to frolick around a maypole in a field of pansies. And to be honest – I’ve grown weary of boorish bureaucrats trying to whitewash our faith from the public marketplace all in the name of tolerance and diversity,” Starnes wrote.

“They never touch the Muslim holidays, do they? When was the last time you saw a liberal lawmaker launch a crusade to rename Ramadan?” he asked.



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