City Slams Trump For Using Photo Of Police Officers In Campaign Ad


Everywhere Donald Trump goes, law enforcement officers flock to him, their respect and admiration evident as they escort his motorcade from airports to events and pause for photos.

Now the city of Phoenix is clamping down, outraged that Trump used a photo of city cops in a campaign ad video, and are demanding that the ad be pulled immediately.

Brad Holm, Phoenix City Attorney, claims in a letter that the officers “were unaware that they were photographed and videotaped, and they did not consent to the use of their on-duty images in any Trump (or other) campaign advertisement.”

Holms says it’s a violation of federal and state laws governing copyright and intellectual property, and that the ad “unmistakably and wrongfully suggests that Phoenix and the officers support or endorse Mr. Trump’s campaign.”

Besides, he states that it’s illegal for local, state and federal public employees to engage in political activities while serving in their official capacities.


“Neither Phoenix nor the Police Department support or endorse any candidate for President of the United States or any other political office,” Holmes wrote.

Even though the National Fraternal Order of Police – the largest police union in the country – did endorse Trump recently, they state that on an individual level, an officer “cannot allow his or her name or likeness to be used in campaign literature in the police officer’s professional capacity.”

Here is the campaign ad they’re in such an uproar over:


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