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A Shell station in South San Diego County is investigating allegations that one of their gas station attendants shut off the pumps when U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents tried to fill up, saying the station doesn’t “typically” serve agents.

Initially reported by the Blue Lives Matter website, agents say that the San Ysidro Shell gas station has been shutting off their pumps when officers try to fuel up. The site reports:

On Saturday [Jan. 6], five CBP officers stopped at about 1 p.m. to fill up a tactical truck at the Shell gas station located at 108 W. San Ysidro Boulevard.

The CBP officers were doing a temporary assignment working with the Anti-Terrorism Contraband Enforcement Team, and needed to get gas during an operation.

“So I drive it in and start filling up, no problem,” said the officer who reported the incident to Blue Lives Matter.

“There were four officers with us. They went inside to go grab some snacks while I pumped,” the officer said.

He said the officers who went into the store were greeted by what they described as a surprised cashier.

“She told the officers ‘we don’t usually serve CBP here,’” the officer reported.

He said that about the same time the officers were walking out of the store in response to that comment, the gas pump suddenly shut off.

“I checked and I only had a half tank in there. It just stopped abruptly like I was done,” he said.

He said it wouldn’t turn back on to continue fueling.

According to the officers, supervisors later informed them that the same Shell station had “literally cancelled the gas every time [CBP agents] tried to fill up.” The Shell station owners are now reviewing surveillance footage to investigate the allegations..

The attendant is a 19-year-old woman named Alexis, according to 10News. They report that Alexis, a recently hired part-time employee, said she had been “expressing frustration over her negative interactions with CBP officers in the past.” She admits to saying they don’t normally serve agents, but says she did not deny them service or shut off the pump.

10News reports:

Alla Alagha, the station’s assistant manager, told 10News that all customers are welcome.

“There’s definitely no policy against law enforcement,” he said. “We are a very friendly gas station. We have no problems with anyone. Business is business.”

Shell Corporate also sent a statement saying it would be contacting the station’s owner and that it takes the issue seriously.

“Shell does not condone the type of behavior alleged to have occurred, and we expect that third parties selling Shell-branded motor fuels treat every customer in a fair and inclusive manner.  We respect and support law enforcement personnel and first responders across the country and are proud to have them choose Shell,” the statement said. 

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