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A conservative columnist for The Washington Post on Friday wrote that the current political climate makes him miss former President Obama, saying he would take the Democrat back in a “nanosecond.”

Max Boot was a foreign policy adviser in both of the Republican presidential campaigns against Obama in 2008 and 2012.

The article goes on to state the following:

Despite his criticisms of the former commander-in-chief, Boot wrote that Obama’s presidency now “appears to be a lost golden age when reason and morality reigned.”

Boot wrote that he gained a “new perspective” on the Obama administration after watching him deliver a speech in South Africa on the 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s birth.

“I was moved nearly to tears by his eloquent defense of a liberal world order that President Trump appears bent on destroying,” Book wrote.

Obama appeared to offer wide-ranging criticism of Trump in the Tuesday speech, saying “those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning.”

Boot said Obama’s speech was not full of self-praise or name-calling like many from Trump.

“Obama has a far better claim than Trump to being a ‘very stable genius,’ but he didn’t call himself one,” Boot wrote. “The sentences were complete and sonorous — and probably written by the speaker himself.”

“Imagine Trump writing anything longer than a tweet — and even those are full of mistakes,” he added.

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  1. Obama is a Traitor and an Enemy to the United States . His only goal was to destroy America . His Fundamental change was to establish a One World Government / NWO / Globalization / Communism . Obama is nothing more than a Satanic scum bag con artist – This is a Fact .

  2. He must be smoking or popping pills during the Obama regime. Oh right his Netflix took a drastic hit when he hired Obama and Rice. His Netflix movies which had been really good became consistently politically base. I deal with work every day and that is something I did not want to watch to relax by in the evenings. The first year I thought it was coincident, however, the second year was worse and I went to another station and canceled my membership. Later I read about Obama and Rice and what they were doing on Netflix, I knew then that this man was seriously nuts to take such a chance paying Obama 50 Million to start and no idea at Rice’s salary. Therefore, loss of 50% subscriber, I am one of those he lost after many years with Netflix, was inevitable. Has he forgotten the start of all the uprisings, 1st was in Ferguson, St. Louis County MO. Which caused blockades of people blocking traffic including loss of life in ambulances having to detour.

    • Obama did more for the NWO globalists to destroy America than any of the previous puppets. The Clintons were paid their bribes after the fact with speaking fees – $18million in one year. Now the NWO globalist communists are using Netflix to pay $50million to Obozo for something that will produce negative effects for the corporation – clearly bribe money after the fact. Obozo was the NWO’s golden boy who would say and do anything for them and now they are paying him off – that is how it works and they are using our money paid to the Federal reserve to do it. Normally, a company determines how many new subscribers they will get from a celebrity event and convert that into profit. Not for Netflix – they know they will lose subscribers and profit and their stock will fall, but Obozo must be paid for his corrupt acts while in office. If I were a stock holder in Netflix I would be suing.

  3. …and Max Boot’s explanation for endorsing the Racist-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama while he so willingly and passionately cheered on a government hellbent on white genocide? “Reason and morality” must have an entirely different definition for the likes of Max Boot vs that held by civilized and patriotic Americans.

  4. Vomit! I’d never want that gay Kenyan liar near the White House or his trany “wife”! I’d be happy to keep DJT as president for the rest of my life.

    • I so agree with you Suzanne. President Trump is the best one ever and he truly loves America and her people. The past administration can’t hold a candle to the current administration. God Bless DJT, his administration and all their families.

  5. Obama was the worst thing to ever happen to America. He was anti-America, anti-military, a racist who pushed back racism back to the 50’s. Did nothing but apologize to the world for America. He nearly brought America to its knees. He still acts like he is the president. He should fade into the background and stop all this hatefulness.

  6. Max Boot was NEVER a conservative. He is and has always been a neocon, chicken-hawk fraud. You know, the folks that attach themselves to whichever group is in power to gain influence. The neocons are liberals are were their ancestors, the followers of Leon Trotsky.

  7. BOOT MAX………………………………another “Conservative” who is a part of the Cognoscenti Problem.

  8. Never heard of this obvious leftist (conservative my ass). The words “new world order” should scare everybody. I sure as hell hope DJT destroys anything and everything liberal/progressive touched by traitor obammy.

  9. What is this So-Called conservative columnist smoking? Has he forgotten how Obama took us to the cleaners? Reducing our credit rating for the first time ever? Golfing while urgent and dangerous things were happening. Going to bed while 4 Americans were killed when no help was sent? Doubling our national debt? Dividing the country along racial lines? Giving Billions of USD to our enemies? And then there was Fast & Furious. And sealed records so no one knows he is is. And the list goes on and on. Really? This writer is so off base we need to re-brand him as a left wing writer.

  10. Obviuously Max Boot is certainly not a conservative – the environment w/President Obummer was awful. BLM /Terrorist attacks on our soil/giving room to destroy/Iran deal/Benghazi and so forth…

  11. What a complete moron !! Someone should drug test him and he should be admitted to a mental institution !!

  12. “those in power seek to undermine every institution or norm that gives democracy meaning.”
    Obama should know because he used every available Intelligence Agency and then some at his disposable to UNDERCUT a duly Elected POTUS. Time will prove him to be the TRAITOR in CHIEF that he truly is. He will go down in History as the WORST POTUS ever! #NUNESHASYOU

  13. Author has a perception problem. Obama was the most narcissistic president in my life. Never did he give a speech without focusing on himself. “I” was so prevalent that local station kept count and laughed about it. All that self promotion and conceit from someone with no pwrsonal accomplishments.

  14. Max could move to Venezuela and experience Obama’s ideology worked out and not have to wait for the years in between.

  15. I’m sorry he’s more interested in eloquent spoken lies than in harsh and politically incorrect truths.

  16. WAIT! A conservative journalist working for the Swampington Post?!?! Your kidding, right?? The guy’s a half-baked liberal nut case who doesn’t know up from down, left from right, good from bad, or right from wrong…

  17. Not likely he was a true conservative – just a person hired to represent a conservative view for the sake of appearance – i.e. for readership=profit. Apparently, even that is no longer tolerable by the WP leadership (sic).

  18. Everytime I read about something like this, my first thought is “How much was he paid”

  19. Anyone who actually thinks there could possibly be a liberal socialist new world order where everyone had the same amount of money and everyone lived well and everyone never got sick and if they did they would have the best health care is a complete idiot!! That is NOT what socialism and liberalism and the new world order would provide at all and if that’s what you think it would then you need to see a shrink! It’s about enslaving us so the 1% can make more money off our backs! Utopia does not now and never will exist! So get your head out of your fairytale fantasy world and grown the hell up!! And that means you Whoopie Goldberg!!

  20. that is actually a testament to the right! because despite the fact we all detested Obama we didn’t make the environment toxic. We shut up and acceprf he was our president. The left however keep having one big tantrum after another and blame it on Trump. It’s not the right attacking people and rioting and blocking traffic. How ironic.

  21. This “Conservative” needs to have his head examined. If he is falling for all of the bull shit that comes out of Obama’s pie hole he really is one gullible SOB. President Trump since the day he was elected has had nothing but negative comments. Obama had nothing but folks kissing his ass and praises to the high heavens and he accomplished NOTHING!! On Top of that, he gets a Noble Peace Award? Give me a break, Obama should have been impeached for all of the deviousness, broken Constitutional Standards and should have been thrown out of office. Failure to protect our troops, ignoring the safety of our country, and failure to get American Citizenssentences in foreign countries. released from unlawful prison. Overall this Obama clown deserves nothing but disdain from America. He is and was a joke.

  22. Many people cannot function in a high energy, results/action oriented environment. These sad ones would trade progress and all it’s natural entropy for calm and safety. They don’t want a president who does things….they want to be tucked into bed at night….told that everything is ok….and kissed on the forehead. In other words, they are childish wimps. Poor widdow Max.

  23. Ah, how soon he forgets that Obama couldn’t talk without a teleprompter and was full of self-praise. Trump better try to destroy the communist One World Order, and it’s about time.
    Conservative columnist, he says? Methinks he is a loon.

  24. This reporter makes me puke… what is he smoking… Obama was the most damaging president in the history of our nation.

  25. Just a play for ratings/readers, that’s all. Obama was horrible, and obviously supports ownership of people. He was not & is not a supporter of freedom for all, not matter what spews out of his mouth.

  26. Trump called out the US. When Obama went he apologized for the US.
    Obama made our country look weak. Trump merely noted Putin’s open sincerity.
    Why is everyone confused? Obama was talking as a traitor. Trump was explaining
    he was in charge and not doing what he was told, but reacting to how he felt.

  27. Who does this guy think he is. The best thing that has happened to our country lately was the day #44 was OUT of office. From his travels he thinks he is still president and his opinions matter. He is a muslim racist and new world order sponsor along with soros, hillary etc. I am so thankful President Trump is OUR president. #44 can just fad off into the sunset along with all that money he was surprised he got. None of the rest of us are surprised since he committed all sorts of crimes along with the HRC and bill to achieve his goal to destroy this great nation.

    I would dearly love to know why some of his people still have security clearance???? How can this happen. When they leave their position, they should love security clearance. Why is Strosky (sp) still being paid with my tax dollar. He needs to be put in jail for his false statements to the FBI and congress. Martha Stewart was put in jail so why isn’t he? Of course, that goes without saying about hillary, comey, lynch (L), rice why are they not in jail and do they still have security clearance. Real puzzle.

  28. Why hasn’t Obama been indicted for having knowledge (and doing nothing to stop it) of FBI participation in producing the fake dossier used to obtain warrants from the FISA courts to spy on Americans???

  29. Why hasn’t Obama been indicted for having knowledge (and doing nothing to stop it) of FBI participation in producing the fake dossier used to obtain warrants from the FISA courts to spy on Americans???

  30. Max Boot is an elitist who is willing to sacrifice the last average man and woman (and their children) to his elitist view (as long as it does not inconvenience him).

    Unfortunately. elitists do not have a good record of recognizing danger before it is too late.

    That is why a political system where the average man has the ultimate power is best.

  31. Obamanation! The little tweet did his best to destroy our great nation…but just didn’t have the clout!!!

  32. I would agree, that Obama was (is) a better orator than Trump. His words were (and are) always “parsed” for effect. So were many despots throughout history. Hitler’s were. I’m NOT comparing Obama to Hitler. What I’m saying is that a great orator doesn’t necessarily make a great statesman. There are many things Trump says that have a great “cringe” factor. I believe he’s a proud man. BUT, he has accomplished so much, in spite of Obama’s “deep state” (which, by the way proves where Obama came from during his entire 8 years. Obama has no love for our Constitution). So, yeah, Obama was and is “smooth.” What we need is someone with a love for this country and its Constitution. We NEED Trump right now!

  33. Obama lied eloquently and the liberals ate it up. Trump is brutally honest and the liberals can’t take it

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