CLAIM: Facebook shows bias against Israel

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During his appearance on DMLDaily’s Walk & Talk program, writer Jeff Dunetz told Harlan Hill that The Israel Law Center recently ran a test on Facebook with the objective of proving the social media giant plays favorites when it comes to who they do and do not censor.

According to Dunetz, The Israel Law Center launched two Facebook pages. One was pro-Palestine, the other was pro-Israel. “Both pages used the same nasty language against the other, almost word for word,” explained Dunetz. “On the one page they posted a message reading, blood and fire to demolish the zionist invaders. On the other page they posted a message reading, blood and fire to destroy the Palestinian invaders.”

What happened next is astonishing. According to Dunetz, everything was posted at the same time. And then eventually they submitted complaints to Facebook about both posts at the same time. Dunetz says the Israeli page was taken down by Facebook, but the Palestinian page was left in place.

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