A report from the UK’s The Sun details an alarming offering from ISIS. The terror group has reportedly released “a string of harrowing images which capture young children executing prisoners in Afghanistan.”

The Daily Mail also detailed the photos, explaining that they come via IS-KP, Islamic State’s “bloodthirsty offshoot” based in Afghanistan. They call the release “distressing pictures of primary school age kids taking part in an execution.”

Included in the images from Terrormonitor.org (see below) are scenes of ISIS prisoners being marched through a forested area of Khorasan Province, with boys “as young as seven” and wearing firearms walking behind them.

From The Sun: ISIS released a series of harrowing images showing boys, pictured, taking part in an execution.

Militants in the region, known as IS-KP, said two of the captured men were Afghan government soldiers and the other was a spy.

The men dressed in orange boiler suits can also be seen kneeling in front of the ISIS militants.

The youngsters stare intently ahead and both have handguns and holsters strapped across their small frames.

ISIS leaders in the Middle East have a long and appalling history of allowing small children to execute captives.


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