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The mysterious case of an alleged former Russian spy who was poisoned, along with his daughter in Salisbury England, over the weekend by a nerve agent, continues to get more complex.

The man, Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, are believed to have been specifically targeted, and remain critically ill in the hospital.

The police officer who first found them, also fell seriously ill, and his condition has deteriorated in the hospital, The Guardian reported.

Now two new revelations have come forth in the case, with claims that the poisoned man is actually a British spy, and that he was in close contact with a security consultant who worked for Christopher Steele, the former British spy who compiled the infamous “Trump dossier.”

The Hill has reported that the Russian government how now claimed that Skripal is not a Russian spy at all, but a British spy working for the country’s M16 intelligence bureau.

The embassy offered no evidence to support the claim. Scotland Yard announced this week that the poisoning is being treated as a “major incident” and confirmed that the two were poisoned with a nerve agent, declining to name the specific type used.

“This is being treated as a major incident involving attempted murder by administration of a nerve agent,” said Mark Rowley, Britain’s top police official for counterterrorism and international security.

Skripal was one of four Russians exchanged for 10 “sleeper” agents placed by the Russian government in the U.S. in 2010. In 2006, he was sentenced to 13 years in jail for identifying other Russian agents operating around Europe to MI6.

Russia’s government has dismissed claims that it was involved as speculation meant to hurt Russia’s ties with the U.K.

The Telegraph reported late Wednesday that Skripal was linked to those who worked on the Trump dossier:

A security consultant who has worked for the company that compiled the controversial dossier on Donald Trump was close to the Russian double agent poisoned last weekend, it has been claimed.

The consultant, who The Telegraph is declining to identify, lived close to Col Skripal and is understood to have known him for some time.

Col Skripal, who is in intensive care and fighting for his life after an assassination attempt on Sunday, was recruited by MI6 when he worked for the British embassy in Estonia, according to the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency.

The Telegraph understands that Col Skripal moved to Salisbury in 2010 in a spy swap and became close to a security consultant employed by Christopher Steele.

“If the Kremlin believed that Col. Skripal might have helped with the compilation of the dossier, it could explain the motive for the assassination attempt in Salisbury town center,” the Telegraph wrote.

The Guardian reported that police are now searching for the people who poisoned the man and his daughter, who were discovered slumped over on a bench in downtown Salisbury Sunday afternoon.

Hundreds of officers were now working around the clock, Rowley said. They were examining CCTV footage from the city centre and building a detailed timeline of events, he added.

An unidentified man and a woman spotted strolling in the alleyway close to the bench where Skripal was poisoned are likely to be of intense police interest. The woman has blond hair and was holding a large scarlet bag. CCTV captured them around the time Skripal collapsed.

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