Claim: Trump Team tells Republicans They’re Not “Reagan’s Party”


According to a report by The Hill, the economic adviser for President-Elect Donald Trump’s team announced to leading Republican officials last Tuesday that they now belong to a fundamentally different political party. The adviser, Stephen Moore, emphasized to the Republicans they will not be the the conservative party of Ronald Reagan.

In fact, Moore classified it as Trump’s populist working-class party, which caught many of the Republicans by surprise. “For God’s sake, it’s Stephen Moore!” a source said to The Hill, explaining some of the lawmakers’ reactions to Moore’s statement. “He’s the guy who started Club for Growth. He’s Mr. Supply Side economics. I think it’s going to take [the lawmakers] a little time to process what does this all mean. The vast majority of them were on the wrong side. They didn’t think this was going to happen.”

Moore then released a comment on the matter to The Hill on Wednesday, stating: “Just as Reagan converted the GOP into a conservative party, Trump has converted the GOP into a populist working-class party. In some ways this will be good for conservatives and in other ways possibly frustrating.”

Traditionally, Moore has been known for his career advocating movements of huge tax cuts and free trade. However, according to Moore, embarking on travels with Trump along the Rust Belt has changed his views. “It turned me more into a populist,” he said.

“Having spent the last three or four months on the campaign trail, it opens your eyes to the everyday anxieties and financial stress people are facing,” Moore continued. “I’m pro-immigration and pro-trade, but we better make sure as we pursue these policies we’re not creating economic undertow in these areas… If Trump says build a wall then he should build a wall. If Trump says renegotiate TPP [the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal], he should renegotiate TPP.”


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