Politicians in the United Kingdom may be attempting to use crafty maneuvers to skew data in order to support left-wing viewpoints. According to a new report, leftist Tories are trying to hide some migrants from reports, to show that Britain doesn’t have a muslim crisis.

In a new report, Breitbart News claims that Prime Minister Theresa May is under pressure from more liberal members of her own party and cabinet. The reports says that “in their bid to fudge UK immigration figures,” leading leftist Tories want May to exclude 75,000 students who are normally included in the nation’s immigration data, as doing so would lower migrant statistics “into the tens of thousands.”

“The strategy may be an attempt to defang immigration hawks and Brexit campaigners amongst them by diluting one of their key campaign talking points: Britain’s migration crisis,” Breitbart notes.

The Daily Mail reports: “About 438,000 foreign students are currently studying here. Removing them from the statistics could make a significant difference to headline immigration figures.”

May had said in November that students are included in net migration statistics in other countries around the world, making it important to leave them within the U.K’s data for consistency. May has suggested that research indicated some 100,000 foreign students a year do not return home after graduating, while those who wish to subtract them from migrant figures claim a majority of foreign students do not overstay.

But sources say an amendment to change how the figure is calculated is likely, and defeating it may prove difficult.

Breitbart notes, “Over the past few decades immigration has reached unprecedented levels in the UK, placing strain on national infrastructure, the National Health Service, schools, and community cohesion.”