On Friday, attorney Gloria Allred presented a new Trump accuser, Summer Zervos, who was a candidate on The Apprentice in season five.

During the press conference, Allred said Trump kissed Zervos, touched her breast, and “led her into his bedroom.” Zervos said Trump invited her to meet him at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which she believed was for a business dinner. Instead, Zervos said that when she arrived, she was “taken to a bungalow… I was standing in an entryway. To the left was a bedroom and his clothes were on the bed.”


Zervos and attorney.

Zervos said Trump asked her to lie down on the bed, and he “began thrusting his genitals.” Zervos said she made it clear to Trump she was turning down his sexual advances, and he did eventual turn to discussing business matters, encouraging her to default on her mortgage. He then told her to show up to his golf course the next morning.

“I wondered if the sexual behavior was some kind of behavior and if I had passed,” Zervos said.

But what makes this press conference suspect, is the lawyer’s opening statement.  It sounds more like a political message than a lawyer trying to defend a client.  Thus, this leads to more question marks regarding the validity of each claim.

The accuser’s account of the events.

Another woman come out today as well, a photographer from California. 

Kristin Anderson was deep in conversation with acquaintances at a crowded Manhattan nightspot and did not notice the figure to her right on a red velvet couch — until, she recalls, his fingers slid under her miniskirt, moved up her inner thigh, and touched her vagina through her underwear.

Here is her video story:


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