Clinton Campaign Exaggerating Lead In An Extremely Tight Race


In an effort to energize Hillary voters, the Clinton campaign is claiming they already have advantages in early voting in battleground states, but are failing to admit how tight the race actually is.

“We’re seeing eye-popping vote-by-mail application numbers,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said on “Fox News Sunday.”

There is no question that in some states more registered Democrats have cast early ballots, but by no means does this guarantee the votes were cast for Hillary, and it certainly doesn’t indicate what voter turnout on Election Day will be like.

The Clinton campaign is playing a dangerous game.  By exaggerating their lead early on, the campaign could end up influencing supporters to stay home instead of casting a vote because they think the election is already won.

Trump appears to be leading in the battleground states of Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.  Early Florida numbers reflect an equal number of Democrats and Republicans .  A record number of 3.1 million early ballots have been requested.

Republicans now have a slight lead — 1.8 percentage points — in the nearly 1 million ballots received by Friday.

According to Fox News, Trump also leads in battlegrounds Georgia, Iowa, Missouri and Ohio.  Though neither Georgia nor Ohio break down early balloting by party affiliation, Trump appears to have an advantage in both states.

In Ohio, requests for early ballots are down 10 percent among black voters, who in recent decades have tended to vote for Democrats. And requests among Ohio’s increasing white population, a voting bloc in which Trump appears to do well, is up 3 percentage points, to 91 percent.

In Georgia, ballot requests and returns among black voters trail 2012 levels.


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