Clinton Campaign Scared Of Trump’s Gains

The Clinton Campaign has desperately reached out to supporters in their latest email titled “The State of Trump’s Campaign.” The fundraising related email sent out by Campaign Manager Robby Mook on Monday highlights the serious concerns the Clinton Campaign has in regards to Trump making gains in fundraising, organizing and the polls.

Not only did Trump raise an impressive $90 million in August, he has also hired a successful field director, and is surging in the polls.

The Clinton campaign’s email can be seen below:

Friend —

Before we get to our critical Thursday mid-month deadline, let’s take a quick look at the state of Trump’s campaign:

Team Trump raised $90 million in August. That number is growing month after month, and Trump is finally using that money to invest in a real ground game.

Right before Trump announced those numbers, for instance, he hired a guy named Bill Stepien to be his field director. Stepien helped Chris Christie win statewide in New Jersey — when it comes to voter outreach, he’s a pro.

Now, I don’t want to make a big deal out of one hire, but I bring it up because it’s evidence of something really important.

Trump is making real gains on us.

In fundraising, in organizing, and, yes, in the polls. If he keeps up this drumbeat of fundraising, he could close the gap altogether — and win.

There are eight weeks left until this election is over. Every single day, we need to match or exceed Trump. To make sure that happens, we’re setting a goal of 100,000 donations by September 15th — and we can’t fall behind even for a minute. In order to stay on pace, we need 14 donations from your area today — chip in $1 to make sure Trump leaves the field in disgrace after November 8th:

Thank you,


Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America


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